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Gateway Fuels Ltd is a proud distributor of high quality petroleum products. Our advanced line of premium-quality motor oil designed for year-round use in today’s high-performance gasoline engines. This product is designed for use in passenger cars and light duty utility vehicles operating in a wide range of applications.

Our products are made according to high quality standards. When used according to the manufacturer’s recommendations you will be completely satisfied with the products. Total lubricants are made to meet, or exceed, all current equipment manufacturer standards.

Lubricants:  A leading-edge technology

We are proud to offer Total’s innovative and high quality branded products at its service stations.

This wide range of automotive and industrial lubricants includes various synthetic products that are energy efficient and biodegradable.

Diesel * Gasoline * Home Heating Oil * Lubricants * Petroleum Products
Chain Saw Oil
Hydraulic Oils
Automotive Oils
Refrigeration Oils
Automatic Transmission Fluids
Super Ultralube
Super Plus Ultralube

Highway Transportation
Forestry Operations

Email:   gatewayfuels@ns.aliant.ca

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Gateway guarantees customer satisfaction

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