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Port Maitland
Enjoy a relaxing day at one of our many swimming areas.

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Yarmouth Area Beaches

Bartlett's Beach

If you follow Route #1 East a few miles past Port Maitland, you see a sign directing you to Bartlett's Beach. This is a smaller beach but one with charms all its own. Wild rose bushes grow among the dunes and when the delicate blossoms are gone, they're replaced with rose hips as big as crab- apples.

John's Cove ...... 

Just a short distance before the Lighthouse at Cape Forchu. This offers a sheltered area of sand and swimming, and one of the best views of the incoming ferries as they arrive in Yarmouth Harbour.

Lake Milo

A freshwater lake in the northern part of Yarmouth. Popular with children and families, the Milo boat club provides summertime supervision, as well as canoe rentals, and other services.

Mavilette Beach 

It is located, not in Yarmouth County, but in Diby County, just minutes past Port Maitland. It's a beach too good to miss - a three mile expanse of sand and sea. This beach, too is maintained by the Provincial Government and has car park areas and change houses nestled amid the massive sand dunes.

Pembroke Beach

Close to town you'll find Pembroke Beach. This one is quite small, and very private. A fairly large lobster fleet used to tie up at Pembroke Dyke, but many of these boats have moved to a more modern facility. The road to the beach follows along the water's edge and only a driveway in the sand marks the "Entry Point" to this lovely, secluded spot.

Sand Beach

A little hard to find the first time, so don't be afraid to ask directions. Offers a beautiful view of the harbour, and Cape Forchu.