Vacation Spot
Yarmouth, Nova Scotia
Kelley's Cove, Rockville, Sand Beech


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A fun vacation spot.

In this one area you will find a public wharf that is excellent for fishing. In season you can catch mackerel, flounder, pollack, crab and other types of fish. Sea rocket, sea lavender, orach, glassworth and  beech peas are some of the plants found here. 

The beech is clean rarely crowded and it is a nice place to spend a day with the family. The beech extends out for about a half km. The tides in this area rise very quickly and in foggy conditions one should exercise a bit of caution.  Some individuals carry a compass to help establish directions. 

If fishing off the wharf with young children it may be a good idea to have life jackets.  Fishing on the incoming tide usually yields better results. 

If beech combing is you thing a few treasures can be found.

Come spend and enjoy a day here.


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Check before you eat shellfish. 
Certain times of the year this area may be closed to claming.


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