Outer Bald Island

Outer Bald Island is only eight nautical miles from the southern tip of Nova Scotia, and just three miles from the shelter of Big Tusket Island, the transit is possible only under optimal conditions of wind, weather, and tide. I was not able to find much information on Baldonia.  Some of the information in the links below seem to be fabricated, other links will show what that the island areas are like.  What seams to be fact is that it was listed in the UN phone directory as an independent nation.  If you have any information please pass it on to  and we will add the information to this site. 
The links below were the only ones I could find on the net.

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1 Flag Welcome to the fabulous world of Baldonia Seems to be a total, but interesting, fabrication. 
2. Tusket Islands a few pictures GrassRoutes  Same as return to Islands below
3. Tusket Islands and Tusket River Presentation Description of Tusket river and Islands area
4. Atlantic Coastal Kayaker - December, 1994  Best source of information
5.  A bit on Geology Drumlins
6. Scams, Scandals and  Skulduggery  Book by Andreas Schroeder  of CBC-Radio's "Basic Black"    If this is the same as his presentation on CBC.  It would probably be the best source of information on Baldonia.  (Book for sale)


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